Embroidered Dragonfly Brooches

Reproducing their sheer wings, we made real-scale dragonflies. Their wings can also be altered. >> To place an order, please access our order from here.>> To learn how to order, please visit here.>> To learn our previous projects, please visit here.  Giant Dragonfly Materials used: Rayon yarnGold threadLame yarnGreen glass beads (2 pieces) Size: 120㎜×90㎜×30㎜ Weight: 4g  Real gold Dragonfly Materials used: Genuine gold thread (24K)   Platinum thread (99.9)   Lame yarn   Amber (2 pieces) Size: 110㎜×90㎜×30㎜ Weight: 4g Platinum Dragonfly Materials used: Platinum thread (99.9)   Genuine gold thread (24K)   Lame yarn   Garnet (2 pieces) Size: 120㎜×90㎜×30㎜ Weight: 4g

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