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Rittai-Shisyuu Sayoko is a brand specializing in a variety of bespoke items. Our elegant crafts include 3D embroidery art jewelry made with precious metal threads (such as genuine gold or platinum) and bags made by transforming traditional Japanese kimono or obi.

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Rittai-Shisyuu Sayoko®

Rittai-Shisyuu Sayoko is a Japanese jewelry brand that produces wearable art, notably butterfly and dragonfly brooches, color-changing wedding hair accessories, and real-scale birds. They are absolutely true to life: Both sides of butterflies’ wings are shiny, and dragonflies’ wings are sheer. Ryomen Rittai-Shisyuu, or Double-Sided 3D Embroidery technique, was invented and trademarked by artist Sayoko Kitai in 1999. With it, the same pattern can be embroidered on both sides of a piece simultaneously.

Especially, our butterflies’ and dragonflies’ wing forms can be posed as you like with the wire working technique.

Our brand’s embroidered works are simultaneously art and jewelry. When going out, you can accent your shoulders, use as finger rings, or otherwise be creative in how to use them—all depending on your outfit and mood of the day. When at home, you can display them in an acrylic case and enjoy expressing your own world.

Butterfly Brooch is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 – 2022 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.

Sayoko Kitai Butterfly Brooch

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