Order flow process

Order flow process

  • Fill out the Order Form
  • Meeting

We will listen to your request and decide together the details of your piece (e.g. design, size, color, shape, etc.).

  • Design decision; Half payment upfront

After deciding on the details of the design, we ask that you pay half of the estimated fee upfront.

  • Production

After confirming the payment, we will begin working on your design, aiming to make it one of the most unique butterfly pieces in the world.
As it will take some time to complete the piece, we will keep you informed on progress on a regular basis.
Depending on the design, it may take 1 to 2 months to complete.

  • Completion

When the work is complete, we will send you an email with a photo of the piece attached.

  • Payment of the balance and delivery

After confirming your payment of the balance, we will deliver the finished piece.